An inflammation of the hair follicles, Folliculitis can cause permanent hair loss in some individuals. Folliculitis can occur anywhere on the body but when it happens on your scalp it can threaten the long-term health of your hair. The inflammation can cause permanent hair loss. Folliculitis usually only causes superficial hair loss that will quickly grow back. It is important to get treatment immediately to treat this condition in order to prevent hair follicle scarring.

How to Identify Folliculitis

When folliculitis first appears on your scalp it looks like a series of small red bumps that are raised. These bumps will itch and may often are concentrated along your hairline. It is possible for them to appear all over your scalp. In the beginning stages, it may look like a red ring is surrounding the base of each hair follicle. As folliculitis progresses, you will start to have hair loss.

It is important to know that you should never scratch these bumps. Your scalp will become sore and could form a crust that cover the bumps. You should expect to see some areas of patchy hair loss.

If the base of your scalp develops scalp folliculitis, you may have folliculitis keloidalis. This condition is a combination of cicatricial alopecia and folliculitis. Untreated, it can cause hairless keloids to develop on the scalp, and then Folliculitis can cause permanent hair loss.

In some rare cases, you may have a condition called acne necrotica. This condition causes very large bumps and nodules that progress quickly and cause scarring on the scalp. It’s resistant to treatment, so you will need to see a doctor if you think you have this severe form of scalp folliculitis. Acne necrotica typically affects black men, but it can affect all genders and races.

Possible Causes of Folliculitis

Bacteria, yeast or mites are all causes of folliculitis inflammation to the hair follicle. In some severe cases, the bacteria staphylococcus aureus causes the inflammation. Often times folliculitis can be caused by buildup of oils on the scalp. It is also possible to have a greater risk of developing folliculitis if you shave your scalp, have a health problem that impacts your immune system or use certain medications, such as antibiotics or topical steroids.

Folliculitis Can Cause Permanent Hair Loss

Mild folliculitis doesn’t usually cause permanent hair loss, but the longer you wait to treat it, the more inflamed your hair follicles become. In time this inflammation can cause scarring of the hair follicles, which will stop hair growth around those areas. Because  folliculitis is so itchy, scratching your scalp can cause further damage to your hair.

Scalp folliculitis can be so uncomfortable and embarrassing, but with prompt treatment, it can resolve quickly. If you develop this condition often, consider looking for hair products that don’t leave residue on the scalp.

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