If you want your hair and scalp to be healthy then you need to clean them both the right way. A lot of hair products contain fragrances, preservatives and chemical ingredients which can cause a buildup, or residue to form on your scalp which can lead to blocked follicles and inhibition of hair growth.

There are a number of do’s and don’ts you should follow if you want your hair to look healthy and shiny and not dull and brittle.

Hair Care for WomenDo this for Healthy Hair

Choose a shampoo that is sulfate-free. They are gentler on your hair and they are paraben free.

Shampoo your hair at least once a week. Getting rid of the buildup that can form on your hair and scalp is important. A healthy clean scalp is flake-free and not itchy.

Look for ingredients like Peppermint Oil & Tea Tree Oil. These healthy oils help to stimulate circulation and help to maintain a healthy scalp. They also help in reducing the amount of buildup of natural oils.

Towel Dry Your Hair. When you dry your hair, gently squeeze out the water with an absorbent towel.

Don’t Do This to Your Hair

Never comb Your Hair While Shampooing. Your hair is at its weakest when it is wet. By stretching and pulling your wet hair can bring on stress to your strands. Wait until you have a conditioner on your hair to detangle your hair.

Never Pile Hair on Top of Your Head While Shampooing. Apply shampoo by using a downward motion.

Don’t Get ‘Squeaky Clean’. While washing your hair is good, washing it until it almost feels squeaky means you have washed away all the good natural oils that are essential for your hair and scalps health.

Rough Up Your Hair While Drying. Tossing your hair around when it is wet could damage your hair or make it more frizzy.