“I came here because my hair was starting to fall out due to a very stressful job at the time, it wasn’t noticeably falling out, but it was gradually thinning, and it got to the point where you could see bald spots on my head. Before coming to Hair Restoration Institute of DFW, I actually did try Rogaine, it never worked. I never had any success with that. I never gained anything from using it, it was expensive for nothing.

Laser Therapy treatment for thinning hair has helped me in a lot of ways, its helped me regain some of my confidence that I was starting to really lack and its really cut back on the worrying. I know as long as I am consistently using the product and doing the things I’m supposed to do, I don’t have to worry about my hair falling out anymore.

Customer service here is wonderful, I usually deal with Shelly herself, but everyone here is really helpful. I heard a lot of misconception about Laser Hair Therapy and a lot of negative comments from people who are completely uninformed and unaware of the fact that it is FDA approved but there’s just so much history where everything has gone through and there is just such a great success rate that within 3 weeks I saw results, which is not common, but it was obvious, I could feel the stubbles and hair regrowing and it was definitely thicker.

Anyone that’s considering Laser Hair Therapy, I would say absolutely go for it, even if it’s not affordable for them at the time, you can’t really afford not to do it, it works, as long as you do your part, it works. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”


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Bridget’s Testimony - Laser Therapy Treatment for Thinning Hair