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14 05, 2019

Could I Have A Full Head of Hair for Summer?

By |2019-05-14T13:28:14-05:00May 14th, 2019|hair replacement|

Before you know it, we will be into the summer weather and that means we will be looking forward to spending time outdoors around the pool, going for long hikes, bike riding and just getting together with friends. Unfortunately, there are men and women for whom the thought of summer activities brings on a great deal of anxiety because they suffer from hair loss. This common problem is something that men and [...]

16 01, 2019

Hair Loss and Improving your Self-Esteem in 2019

By |2019-01-16T09:01:01-06:00January 16th, 2019|hair replacement, laser hair therapy|

Starting a new year often means to make new resolutions. Some people may look to become more healthy, while others may look to eat healthily. There are some they look to improve their self-esteem and that means doing something about their hair loss. If you suffer from thinning hair or hair loss, well we have put together some information about hair loss and improving your self-esteem. Mentality Affected By Hair Loss Yes, [...]

8 11, 2018

How to Cope with Hair Loss During the Holidays

By |2018-11-08T13:17:16-06:00November 8th, 2018|hair loss, hair replacement|

The holidays are often a wonderful time. These moments can also be stressful at times with scheduling holiday events, trying to see all your family, and along with the financial strains, the holidays can become quite stressful for some, resulting in increased hair loss. If you are already experiencing hair loss, then the photos and re-acquaintance with old friends can create a lot of stress. If you are worried about your hair [...]

8 11, 2018

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Hair Restoration

By |2018-11-08T09:21:14-06:00November 8th, 2018|hair replacement|

If you notice that your hair is getting thinner, hair replacement could be a great solution. Whether your hair is having only mild thinning or perhaps you have complete baldness, there is a solution that can help you restore your hair regardless of the level or type of hair loss you have. If you have decided to look for hair restoration solutions, you need to be informed so you avoid the many [...]

27 12, 2017

How Much Hair Loss or Hair Shedding is Normal?

By |2017-12-27T10:26:07-06:00December 27th, 2017|alopecia, alopecia areata, female hair loss, hair loss, hair replacement, laser hair therapy|

The standard answer is 80-100 hairs per day is considered a "normal" amount of hair to lose during a 24 hour period. However, this number can be difficult to gauge since we lose hair all day and all night... one hair at a time. Men and women both lose some hairs in the shower, some in the blow-dry process, some in the hallway, some in the car, some at work, etc. In [...]

18 10, 2017

Common Hair Loss Myths

By |2017-10-13T07:44:29-05:00October 18th, 2017|hair additions, hair loss, hair replacement, male pattern baldness|

As science discovers more about hair loss, many conventional theories about the causes of hair loss are being rapidly discredited. Read on to get the real story. Myth: The baldness gene comes from your mom’s side. Truth: Genes for hair loss can come from either parent, doubling your chances of having them. Even worse, because the gene is dominant, if either of your parents had thinning hair, your chances of having it [...]

9 11, 2016

Choosing A Hair Replacement Studio

By |2017-10-13T07:44:31-05:00November 9th, 2016|hair replacement|

Everyday we see men and women going through the emotions brought on by hair loss. Clients that come to us are looking for two things. First they come to us to help them look their best again, second, they want to have their self confidence restored. We understand how difficult hair loss can be for many, but the one thing that isn’t difficult is going through the process with a staff that [...]

14 06, 2016

Men’s Hair Replacement for An Active Lifestyle

By |2017-10-13T07:44:32-05:00June 14th, 2016|hair replacement, male pattern baldness|

Summer time is the perfect time to get outside. There are a number of people that would say that the Summer is the best time of the year. It’s the perfect time to be active and do things like swimming, biking, hiking and lots more. But for men who suffer from hair loss or thinning hair and who enjoy sports and want to enjoy an active lifestyle, summer can be a real [...]

17 01, 2015

Love your Hair – Hair Replacement

By |2017-10-13T07:44:33-05:00January 17th, 2015|hair loss, hair replacement, hair transplants, laser hair therapy|

Mark D. - Hair Transplant As I started getting older, I realized it just wasn't the look I was accustomed to or used to. I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to look as young as you can for as long as you can. Every day, the more I went to the mirror, the more I realized I was getting old. It took me awhile to get to the point [...]

6 02, 2014

Meagan’s Hair Loss and Hair Restoration Story

By |2017-10-13T07:44:34-05:00February 6th, 2014|alopecia, alopecia areata, female hair loss, hair loss, hair replacement, male pattern baldness|

Hair Restoration Changed My Life Meagan Mason’s hair loss started in the 7th grade when she was diagnosed with alopecia areata, a medical condition that causes round patches of hair loss and can lead to total hair loss. Middle school is tough enough for teen girls, but Meagan had to face it with chunks of her hair missing. “I just wanted to fit in, and I perceived myself as not beautiful. I was [...]