Beautiful, Natural Virgin European Hair Wigs for Hair with the Most Luxurious Feel & Look

CUSTOM & READY-TO-WEAR EUROPEAN HAIR WIGS. For the absolute ultimate in comfort and styling, there is simply nothing to compare to the quality of a custom-fitted 100% Virgin European hair wig. At HRI of DFW, our Virgin European hair wigs are made from the finest natural European hair and are hand knotted for the ultimate in comfort, durability and beauty.

With 100% natural European hair, the natural bounce and beauty of the hair is left untouched so that your new wig will give you the most beautiful look, feel, and movement that simply cannot be surpassed.

At HRI of DFW, we offer a complete range of custom European wigs for women experiencing hair loss due to Alopecia, or as a result of medical treatments such a Chemotheapy.  All our wigs are easy to care for, lightweight, comfortable and breathable. They are easy to care for and made in such a way so as not to irritate a sensitive scalp for women with little or no hair.

European Hair Wigs Fort Worth Dallas Texas

Why Choose a European Hair Wig from HRI in Fort Worth?

Our broad range of custom and ready-to-wear European hair wigs offer beautiful, natural looking solutions for all types of hair loss and are widely recognized as some of the finest available anywhere.  Our wig consultants and stylists are always available to discuss your individual needs and expectations with you, and to answer all your questions and be of help in any way they can. All wig consultations are conducted in an atmosphere of professional care and privacy.

Virgin European Hair Wigs Fort Worth Texas
Fort Worth European Hair Wigs for Women

European Hair Wigs vs. Human Hair Wigs

European Hair vs Human Hair wigsWhen it comes to wigs, European hair has a quality of softness and moves and feels just like naturally growing hair. It is also the most manageable, and allows you to achieve a perfect look and feel.

Many people assume that “human hair wigs” and “European hair wigs” are the same. This simply isn’t true. “Human hair wigs” are are made from hair that has been bleached and had the cuticles removed by means of a chemical bath process and then dyed to match a desired hair color. The overall process damages the hair and leaves it dry and coarse. It does not look or feel as natural as European hair and is somewhat more difficult to cut, style and maintain. Because of this treatment, it also does not have the longevity of natural European hair.

Styling & Caring For Your Wig

A beautiful European hair wig needs to be styled. Just like a beautiful dress, it needs to be individually styled and fit just for you. While a good stylist can initially make a wig look good, a stylist who is not experienced in wig styling can make a truly beautiful wig look awful. Properly styling your wig makes all the difference. That is why our expert wig stylists will take the time to cut and style your new wig perfectly and work privately with you to teach you how to take care of your wig and maintain it’s beauty for years to come.

European Hair Wigs: There Is a Difference

HRI of DFW offers the finest European Hair Wigs by Follea along with other beautiful European Hair options as well.

  • European Hair has the smallest micron than other human hair.
  • The smaller micron, the more fine the hair texture.
  • Fine hair flows beautifully and moves freely.

Hair Micron



Deciding to look for a wig can be an emotional journey. But once you’ve made that decision, the process shouldn’t be difficult. Come in for a free no-obligation wig consultation with an HRI wig consultant and see how many options you truly have.

And if hair loss is in your future due to Chemotherapy or other medical issues, you’ll find the facilities and staff at HRI of DFW in Fort Worth understanding, comfortable and very private.

Find the hair loss solution that is right for you. Contact us today for a free, private consultation.

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