Why Do Women Lose Their Hair after Pregnancy? This is the most wonderful time as you have just had a baby and your hair you may have noticed is so healthy, but it can also be a frightening time. Many women after pregnancy start seeing more and more hair fall out each day. It may seem like a little more than usual. This is your body changing again and your stress levels are high. You need to understand why your hair loss is increasing after you’ve given birth. It is an important step in caring for yourself and helping to ease your worries and stress. There is some good news for most women. This type of hair loss is temporary.

female hair loss treatment fort worth txWhat Is Post-Partum Hair Loss?
Hair loss after pregnancy, often referred to as post-partum hair loss is not uncommon. This hair loss can be significant and sudden and in many situations the hair loss can come in clumps of hair. Hair loss like this usually happens three to six months after giving birth. The amount and frequency of hair loss at this time will vary. Some women experience very little hair loss while others may see a significant rapid hair shedding. If you are concerned about how much hair you are shedding then you should speak to your doctor.

What Causes Hair Loss after Pregnancy?
It is normal for most of us to lose about 50 to 100 hairs each day. It is something you normally don’t notice because it happens strand by strand and not all at once. The more significant the more you notice it and the more worrisome you may get. Your bodies hormones after pregnancy are very different than those prior to giving birth or getting pregnant. That change is one of the biggest factors in increased hair loss.

A women’s hormones during nine months of pregnancy will limit the amount of hair loss you have. The hair growth cycle actually get longer. This is one of the main reasons women who are pregnant have very full, healthy looking hair. It’s part of the healthy glow you’ll have during this time. After giving birth, your hormones will begin to change again and your hair’s natural growth cycle will continue to get back to normal.

What often happens is the hair you held onto longer, now your body is telling them that they aren’t supposed to still be there and they being to fall out along with the normal amount of hair you have fallout daily. The hair loss may seem like an abundance, but it is actually the same amount of hair you would have loss normally of the course of a year if your hair was naturally shedding. The good news is your hair is likely to go back to normal 6 to 9 months after your pregnancy.

What You Can Do About It
The hair growth cycle takes time to get back to normal. During this time women will have hair thinning. There are some things you can do about it through. You can improve the amount of vitamins and nutrients you are getting. You can speak to your doctor about taking prenatal vitamins during this the months that follow your pregnancy. You can reduce the amount of stress on your hair by eliminating stressors like chemically treating your hair or using curling irons on it. It might even help to talk to a hair loss professional to see what options are available to help reduce your hair loss.

If your hair loss remains significant or looks to be worse than what you believe is normal then talk to your doctor. Hormone testing can help to show information about what is happening within your body that could be impacting your hair and your normal hair growth cycle. Taking the time to improve your diet and balance your hormones to reduce risks of significant hair loss can help. If it has been 9 months or longer since your baby was born and you still see significant hair loss, speak to a hair loss professional about treatment or therapy options for hair loss prevention.