Five Ways to Get Thicker Hair

//Five Ways to Get Thicker Hair

Five Ways to Get Thicker Hair

Most everyone would love to have hair that is full and thick but for some people they just weren’t blessed with those good hair genes. While the issue for some might be more than just styling, it is always good to have a few tricks you can count on. We have made a list of a few things you can easily do to help give your hair the illusion of your hair being thicker and more full.

Curl Your Hairs Ends Inward: If you do this while straightening your hair, you will increase the look of more volume, which will make your hair appear to be thicker and fuller. It is always best to not to just iron your hair straight, as this gives your hair the appearance of being thin, plus ironing ends that are damaged will only increase the effect.

Get a Multi-Dimensional Color: One single hair color can make your hair look flat. Natural hair has multiple colors throughout, and it is these colors that catch and throw light in different ways. This gives your hair an appearance of being more full. The next time you are looking to color your hair, get some highlights (or low lights) done as well.

Blow-dry Upside Down: If you flip your head down and blow dry your hair from the roots to the tips, you will be able to give your hair a lot more volume and an overall thicker look.

Use a Mousse: If your hair needs a little extra hold and you hate to have a lot of product on your hair then using mousse is the way to go. It is lightweight so it doesn’t weigh your hair down. Just apply to the roots of your and whether your blow-dry, curl or straightening your guaranteed an increase in volume.

Get a Layered Haircut: To really help your hair take on a look being more thick, get a layered hair cut. Layered hair will bounce up, framing your face. You can still keep your length without your long hair pulling the volume out.

These ideas are the best way to achieve the look of having hair that is thick and full of volume. If your hair has lost its fullness due to your hair thinning you are not along. Many women suffer from thinning hair and there can be a number of different causes ranging from post-pregnancy, stress, reaction to medication and genetics. If you believe your thin, limp hair is from your hair thinning then you should talk to a hair loss specialist. They help men and women of all ages and will all types of hair loss, so they can regain a full head of hair they love.

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