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Follea European Hair Womens Wigs Fort Worth Dallas Texas

Follea Wigs – Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

100% Luxury European Human Hair Wigs

As the exclusive North Texas certified studio for Follea, we offer Folleas complete natural hair collection including custom Follea European hair of the highest quality.

Claiming to be the best might seem bold but we challenge you to look and feel Follea hair and judge for yourself. The luster, shine, lightness and manageability of Follea’s creations are most convincing, allowing you to experience the highest form of natural beauty.

You Have the Right to Beautiful Hair

Discover matchless technology and artistry in Follea’s extraordinary luxury European 100% natural human hair wigs. Experience the finest lace front 100% hand tied wigs for unmatched craftsmanship and longevity. The quality and integrity of these beautiful Follea wigs allows you to style them just as you would your own natural hair – blow dry, rollers, straighteners – for the ultimate control of your look and style.

Beautiful European Hair Wigs in Fort Worth

Follea Wigs for women is a truly unmatched wig collection, including the finest lace front wigs available anywhere. With a custom fit and totally natural style, these amazing works of art come alive and effortlessly give you the look, movement and style you love.

Follea next generation European hair wigs are of truly luxurious quality, look and feel totally natural. Hand-selected from premium European hair, they have a natural sheen and very fine texture, with the hair cuticle intact.

Follea wigs are a great option for women who want amazing hair on a moment’s notice. We also recommend Follea wigs for women who are experiencing complete hair loss or who have severely thinning hair, such as may be caused by Alopecia Totalis or Universalis, Telogen Effluvium, or advanced Androgenetic Alopecia. Follea wigs are also perfect for women who are about to undergo medical treatments which will cause them to loose their hair, such as Chemotherapy or Radiation treatments, and who wish to keep their treatment private.

With Follea European hair wigs from Hair Restoration Institute of DFW in Fort Worth, you can have stunning hair that looks and feels like real hair, falls naturally, is light and cool to wear, and above all is totally undetectable.

Why Does European Hair Make Such a Difference?

Hair Restoration Institute of DFW offers the finest European Hair Wigs by Follea along with a wide range of other gorgeous European hair options as well.

Simply put, the finer the hair texture, the more natural it looks. European Hair has the smallest micron (diameter) of any human hair. And the smaller the micron, the finer the hair texture. This is extraordinarily important when designing a fine wig because fine European hair falls naturally, moves freely and flows beautifully. The result is a look and feel that is simply unsurpassed.

Schedule Your Own Private Follea Wig Consultation

We invite you to call today to speak with our Follea Wig Consultant and arrange a time to come in for a private, confidential wig consultation. Enjoy a cup to tea or coffee, and see for yourself our extensive range of beautiful wigs for women.

Please be aware that many of our wig clients come from a long distance, and may not be feeling well due to their medical treatments. We therefore ask that you make an appointment ahead of time so that we can give you our full and complete attention, and help you without you feeling in any way rushed or hurried.

Follea 100% Natural Human Hair Wigs. Luxury Without Compromise.

Follea Rene Wigs Fort Worth Texas

Follea Rene Wig Collection

  • Harvested in ponytails to ensure cuticle correct hair
  • Double drawn and gently processed in small batches to ensure hair quality and longevity
  • This hair will have more body with loose curl to accommodate a wide variety of ethnicities
  • Features Follea’s World Select hair. This hair does not originate from Europe but from other regions around the world
  • Hand-tied lace-top with added volume
  • Back portion is 100% closed wefted
  • 4 lengths available: 10”/15” overall, 12”/17”overall, 14”/19” overall, 16”/21” overall
Follea Style Wigs Colelction Fort Worth Dallas Texas

Follea Style Wig Collection

The Follea STYLE wigs are ventilated with Follea’s gently Hand Processed European hair and have an amazing temple to temple lace front, hand tied back. Ventilated with natural European Human hair in Straight with Natural Body Texture. FOLLEA STYLE wigs can be curled, ironed, or styled in the same way you do your own hair!

Features hand-tied top and new natural skin part for a true-to-skin scalp appearance with hidden knots. Harvested in ponytails to ensure cuticle correct hair. Lengths available include: 8”/13”, 12”/17”, 16”/21”

Follea Gripper Lite Wig Collection Fort Worth Dallas TX

Follea Gripper Wig Collection

The Follea Gripper is ventilated with healthy, gently processed European “ponytail hair”. It has a natural density. Gripper hair is gently hand processed in small batches to protect its natural character and beauty. All hair is carefully double drawn for consistent hair length and uniformly full volume.

The Follea Gripper requires NO tape or glue, provides a secure & confident fit, is light, breathable & comfortable, is 100% natural looking! These wigs are perfect for women living with Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis.

Follea Chic Wig Collection Fort Worth Dallas TX

Follea Chic Wig Collection

Follea Chic wigs are ventilated with healthy, European Hair in Straight with natural body texture. Chic wigs can be curled, ironed, or styled in the same way you do your own hair.

1/8” closed lace front with under-ventilation ideal for blending with an existing front hairline. Revolutionary, silk-like, double-lined, monofilament spandex disappears against the scalp and offers excellent ventilation. Hand-tied top and new natural skin part for a true-to-skin scalp appearance with hidden knots.
Lengths available in stock: 8”/13” overall, 10”/15” overall, 14”/19” overall.

Follea Grandeur Wigs Fort Worth TX

Follea Grandeur Collection

Hand Selected is picked by Follea’s veteran hair experts from Follea’s Premium European hair stock for creating the most amazing wigs ever made. Hand Selected hair is the healthiest finest denier hair available today.

Cuticle intact & double drawn for hair length consistency and uniformly full volume, your Hand Selected hair comes 100% cuticle correct to eliminate tangling and matting. Bleached hair knots for the most natural looking appearance. Temple-to-temple lace-front for a true natural front hairline. Lengths available in stock: 16”/21” overall

Follea Wigs for Kids Dallas Fort Worth TX

Follea Gripper Wig for Kids

Many children suffer from hair loss as a result of alopecia areata, trichotillomania, or other reasons, negatively impacting childhood development.

Follea offers wigs with natural densities in sizes specially designed for children. With no taping or gluing, wearing added hair while being a regular kid is easier than ever!

The Follea Gripper Wigs are available small child sizes in order to offer them a carefree childhood. Both the Gripper Actif and the Gripper Lite are available in child sizes.



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