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Better Health = Better Hair

HAIR GROWTH AND NUTRITION. Here at Hair Restoration Institute in Dallas/Fort Worth, we want to address every aspect which may be contributing to your hair loss. Even though there are some causes of hair loss which cannot be cured such as genetics and many forms of Alopecia we know we can set ourselves up for successful hair growth by maintaining proper nutrition.

Our Trichologist will meet privately with you and review your blood work to uncover hidden issues which, in many cases, have been missed by your own physician.

Watch the video below to learn about a cause of hair loss which everyone has complete control over. What is it you may be thinking?? It is…hair loss due to poor nutrition. Poor nutrition also contributes to hair loss because it can effect the immune system. And a weak immune system can slow hair growth.

Nutrition and Healthy Hair GrowthHair Growth and Nutrition

For men and women alike, your diet plays a vital role in not only your overall general health, but in the health of your hair as well, both in terms of hair growth and the hair’s healthy, natural appearance.

There are many things that contribute to hair loss which we have little control over, including genetics and medical conditions such as alopecia. However, there is one cause of hair loss which you have complete control over, and that is optimal health and proper nutrition.

Poor nutrition is a leading cause of hair loss, because when rich nutrients are not present in the body, it will prove difficult to achieve excellent hair growth. Many times simply correcting these issues by improving your nutrition will put you on the path to excellent hair growth.

We highly recommend Juice Plus+ to improve nutrition. And what’s best is it is simple and inexpensive. We invite you to click the link to learn more about Juice Plus and how it will improve your nutrition and help get you on the path to excellent hair growth.


Trichology Dallas Fort Worth Healthy Hair Nutrition

Learn about Juice Plus+ and how it can improve your nutrition.

How Juice Plus is Made

How Juice Plus+ is made.

Juice Plus


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