Does hair loss really affect your self-esteem or is that just a myth? People with healthy, gorgeous hair appear on advertisements for everything from cereal to mountain biking subliminally shouting “this is the best way to look” without even saying a word about hair loss.  How each person handles hair loss is extremely personal and varies by personality and circumstance. However, you can take control, understand the cause of your hair loss, and explore treatment options at Hair Restoration Institute of DFW.

fort worth hair loss treatment young menUnderstanding = Confidence
The sooner you can pinpoint the cause of your hair loss and learn about your treatment options, the better equipped you will be to handle
insecurities, worries, and doubts that may be staring at you in the mirror. All people, men and women alike, want to look good and have control of their appearance. When you work with the experienced professionals at Hair Restoration Institute of DFW, you regain your control and can enjoy the look you desire.

Hair Loss and stars in the news
A few years ago, professional tennis player and superstar Andy Murray made headlines. It was not for his game, but for his new haircut which highlighted his receding hairline. His receding hairline was now out there for the world to see, scrutinize, critique and criticize.

One headline read “Hoping the new haircut will boost your performance? Andy Murray debuts a drastic new cut at the Monte Carlo Masters.” Then underneath before and after photos, a cutline mocked, “hair today, gone tomorrow: Andy Murray debuted his crew cut…”

Commentators suggest that Murray’s lack of Grand Slam wins is a result of his lack of confidence. Now the speculation expands to include how his hair loss issues affect his confidence. Officially and in public, Murray says he doesn’t really care,” but decades of studies say something different.

According to Studies…It is not a Myth

* Researchers from Old Dominion University in Virginia surveyed 145 balding men in 1992 and found that 84 percent were preoccupied with baldness. Their responses showed the participants were filled with self-consciousness and helplessness. Participants also admitted to being envious of men with full heads of hair.

* Additional research indicated that single men and women who had started losing hair in their early twenties were more likely to suffer from extremely low self-esteem.

* An article in the “British Journal of Psychology” written in 1995,  stated that balding men have been found to have lower levels of self-esteem than their peers, are less sociable, suffer more from depression, and are less likely to succeed in life.

* In clinical studies, it is common for men report feeling like they have a less attractive appearance and decreased self-confidence.

Experiencing hair loss is one of the most devastating appearance issues that men and women have to face. The good news is, technological advances and treatments are available.

If you are experiencing hair loss, then you know that a lack of self-esteem is not a myth. But, you DO NOT have to continue feeling insecure and alone. We can help!  Call Hair Restoration Institute of DFW to schedule a private, no-obligation hair loss analysis.