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I just want to let you know how wonderful it is to have my hair filling out so nice and full, after all these years. I had to use the spray paint that was sold on TV which was also causing my hair to fall out even more. I haven’t felt this good about my look in several years. I have been taking these treatments for a little over two months, and can definitely see a difference.

Cherry, Texas

Losing a significant amount of hair in a short time was traumatic for me. Dermatologists biopsied my scalp and told me there was no help for my problem.

I decided to try Hair Restoration Institute in Roseville and felt immediately that I was in good hands. I began treatments on my first visit and six months later have seen tremendous improvement in stopping hair loss, growing new hair and changing the coarse texture of my hair that had developed due to alopecia.

Receiving the laser comb has been a benefit too. I was given all the appropriate facets of regrowing and caring for my hair from the very beginning.

It’s obvious that Vern and Patsy are in this business to sincerely help people and are as thrilled with your success as if it were their own. Excellent personal care, excellent hair care. You absolutely can’t ask for a better or more honest and compassionate place to find answers to your hair loss problems.

Cindy, Texas
“I started with HRI just three months ago and am happy with the results. My hair feels fuller and I’m noticing some new hair growth already. The products really work! Thank You Hair Restoration Institute!”
“You asked me if I was happy with the results I am getting, look at me…. I am amazed. I heard your advertisement on the Radio… and it said… people up to 65 years old. My 66th birthday was fast approaching so I went to see what you had to offer. I had given up all hope of ever seeing myself with any kind of new growth, I would have been very happy to keep what I had… I have both now… keeping what I have… no hair in the drain after my daily shower, and no hair in my hair brush. And remarkably, there’s new growth. My hair has become so full after about four months of treatment. I would recommend this treatment to anyone.”
Les Z.
“My hair loss started early and became more noticeable around age 10, when I started wearing a relaxer. Later, I began to wear braids and extensions to ‘hide’ how thin my hair was. Because I wasn’t knowledgeable about hair loss, I didn’t realize that the weight and tightness of the braids and improper installation of my hair extensions were accelerating my hair loss. Now, after just 6 months of laser hair treatments, I am thrilled with my hair. This is the first time in 19 years I have been confident enough to wear my OWN hair for this length of time.”
Krystal Hubbard

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Laser Hair Restoration Therapy Testimonial Photos Fort Worth, Texas

“I have been a client for only 11 weeks, and I am amazed at how much of my hair has already begun to grow back! This process is so easy, and so amazing, and it is completely painless! I have tried everything from pills and topical treatments to toupees, and THIS is the first thing that has really truly worked. Thank You!”
Joe S., Real Estate Broker
“I would like to express my thanks to you for helping me with my hair challenges. Having been a past client of other clinics your team has helped me the most. I was wearing a hair system from another clinic while my transplanted areas grew in until they ruined it. You were able to accommodate me the next day with a stock system, which matched my hair color perfectly. Besides the color match, I enjoy how simple it is to maintain. All this combined with the laser treatment you started me on will get me to a desirable outcome. Thanks again for all your help!”
Matt M.



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