Hi, my name is Sandra. These photos you see are mine after only 3 months of MEP-90 Laser Therapy Treatment with HRI of DFW. I was always used to being told I had beautiful hair until I started noticing that my hair was thinning. I came to see Shelly at HRI of DFW, because my hair kept coming out and I felt she was my last resort, seeing that I’ve tried everything I could try. I went to see a dermatologist and he gave me some shampoo but my hair was still coming out and I didn’t see any improvement. I was feeling really depressed about it because it was shedding so much.

When I started treatment, my family members noticed it, coworkers noticed it. I had a bald spot on the back of my head, I noticed, but now,  the bald spot is gone and filled in with my hair. Shelly is great, she could explain to me exactly what was wrong with my hair, the dermatologist just gave me some stuff to take, but she was able to show me what was wrong with my hair, that’s what I really liked.

It took about three to four months before I started noticing improvement. I was skeptical at first, like most people would be, but I placed my trust in Shelly. I couldn’t see it, but Shelly assured me, she said “Sandra, it’s working,” and she would show me pictures of my scalp, but I still wasn’t convinced, because nothing had helped in the past. Shelly kept saying “I’ve done this too long, your hair is growing.” When I calmed down, I started noticing the difference.

Now I am reassured that my hair is coming and it’s not going to fall out, like Shelly said and I have a lot of trust in her. I can see the thickness, it’s come back, it makes me feel happier.

The staff at HRI welcomes you and any question you have, they’re ready to answer, if they can’t, they find somebody to answer for you. They’re reassuring too. The time I spend there is not wasted, they take care of you, they get me in and get me out.

Laser hair therapy works, it worked for me. I have coworkers that have been having problems with their hair as well and they’ve come up to me and said your hair is so full, so pretty. They like my hair, it’s natural. So I’ve referred a few people to HRI, and I’m back to getting compliments on my hair, like I used to get, I like that a lot.