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There will be times when you will work with a client who is emotionally upset about their hair loss and worried about the outcome of the hair restoration process. What 2 SPECIFIC SKILLS do you have which will enable you to help them emotionally and gain their trust so that you can give them what they want?

The art of hair restoration has so many emotionally rewarding benefits… Stylists have the opportunity to truly change a client’s life by restoring their hair and their confidence which many times has been lost due to hair loss. During the course of working as a hair restoration stylist some tasks may be viewed as more technical with a medical nuance such as sterilizing & cleaning hair additions which have been worn by clients for several weeks. How do you feel about that?

List your TOP TWO areas of salon skill in which you excel: (ex. color, cutting, etc.)

We invite desirable applicants to bring a model and perform a haircut & round brush blowout so we can determine their beginning skill set. This does not take place until AFTER the initial interview. Are you willing to do this?

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