TrichotillomaniaYou may not be aware that children and teenagers can experience hair loss, too. It can happen to them through genetics such as any form of alopecia, or because of poor nutrition, or from medical treatments for cancer. One form of hair loss you may not be aware of would be from a disorder called trichotillomania.

Trichotillomania is a psychological disorder that is the overwhelming urge for a person to pull their own hair out, whether it’s their eyebrows, eyelashes or hair. It was thought to be very uncommon, but as more people come forward with this habit, it’s not as rare of a disorder as doctors originally thought.

Girls are usually more affected than boys. It can be a nervous, compulsive habit that is treatable once it’s diagnosed. Teens with this disorder may not be immediately forthcoming for the reason of their hair loss. They may try to pass it off as an accident, or hide the bald area, feeling ashamed of the result of their uncontrollable action. Teens need to know they aren’t alone in this disorder and it’s treatable.

Parents, be aware of the stresses your teens are under as school begins. If you notice what appears to be a nervous habit of playing with their hair, keep a close watch on your children to make sure it doesn’t escalate to something more serious.

If you know someone that suffers from trichotillomania, let them know that Hair Restoration Institute of DFW can help. Our custom human hair designs are meant to blend into any area of the scalp and provide a beautiful, natural-looking and non-surgical hair loss solution for any one at any age.

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